Tegneklubben at Vossa Jazz 2016
18-20 March 2016

Voss, Norway

Tegneklubben are invited to participate at Vossa Jazz Festival 2016. We will reflect and comment on concerts, musicians and the general diversity of the event through drawing and collage. The works produced will be exhibited continuously throughout the festival weekend.

Read more here (Norwegian) - Vossa Jazz 2016
Tegneklubben at Kulturrådet årskonferansen 2015
4-5 November 2015

Harstad, Norway

Read more about the conference here (Norwegian) - Årskonferansen 2015
Read more about the participants (Norwegian) - Bidragsyterne

Tegneklubben at Prosjektskolen
Friday 16th January, 2015

Tegneklubben were invited to be a visiting artist at Prosjektskolen; Olso. The visit took the form of an open drawing session.
KUNST nr 3, 2014
Article in Norway´s leading Art magazine - KUNST, on the theme of Drawing
Kunst på Hovefestivalen
June 30 - July 5

Tegneklubben contribute to Kunst på Hovefestivalen with an exclusive limited edition newspaper.
W17 Studio Program, Kunstnernes Hus
October 2012 - February 2013

In the period October 2012 - February 2013, Tegneklubben took up residency within the "W17 Studio Program" at Kunstneres Hus, Oslo.
Tegneklubben at KHIO
26 Sept 2011

Tegneklubben were invited to be a visiting artist at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. We thought it was an interesting task and discussed whether we should be a force of various guest teachers talking to different students or just enter each student´s studio as a three headed troll. The latter was the most intriguing, and we decided for a three-students-in-a-small-group tutorial with three-tegneklubben-artists model.
Fukt Magazine #10
Tegneklubben presented in the latest issue of FUKT Magazine!

FUKT is a magazine for contemporary drawing established in Trondheim 1999 and based in Berlin since 2001
Tegneklubben goes Mexico
Two hand bound books of original drawings with gold embossed titles.
A series of drawings on the theme of the Mexican sombrero (Mexican frying an egg)
Høstutstillingen t-shirts
T-shirts printed for use by the guards during Statens Kunstutstilling, Høstutstillingen 2010
Tour poster, Heroes and Zeros
Tegneklubben supplied the artwork for the February 2011 tour poster for Heroes and Zero
Bi-weekly featured commentary on kunstkritikk.no (defunct)
Amnesty International Art Auction, DogA, Oslo, Norway
Saturday 24th April, 2010

Tegneklubben have been invited to participate in this worthy project to help support Amnesty International´s campaign.
Presented are many of Norway´s most profiled Contemporary Artists.

Tegneklubben have donated 5 framed original drawings.