Tegneklubben (The Drawing Club) is a platform for research into the unknown darkness and disconcerted minds of the five artists involved. There are few rules in this club except perhaps to never violate decent people. This collaborative art project has from the beginning taken the form of a private society, a reunion of social misfits and as a hard workout in creativity.

Letting all barriers fall, the artists indulge themselves within a jungle of low key ephemerality, where pretentious traps and unintentional failure is rescued by elegance and years of experience. They work hard to blur the line between drawing and their drawing equipment and are surprisingly close to the masterpiece, time and again.

Based in Oslo and Berlin, apart from pursuing their own careers, the five artists meet up for drawing sessions in various venues, sometimes at their respective studios and always in the various galleries or museum during the production of shows, three to five days in advance of the exhibition. Martin Skauen, Ulf Carlsson and Bjørn Bjarre received their education at the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo (KHIO), Norway; Paul Dring at Kent Institute of Art and Design (KIAD), Maidstone, UK and Terje Nicolaisen at the Academy of Fine Art (KHIB), Bergen, Norway, and the Academy of Fine Art (NTNU)/, Trondheim, Norway.

Since 2004, Tegneklubben have exhibited extensively in Norway and abroad. Among their recent exhibitions: Tegneklubben + Håkon Bleken (2018), Trondheim kunstmuseum Gråmølna, Trondheim, Norway; Tegneklubben Goes West (2018), Kunstgarasjen, Bergen Norway; The Room Without Within (2017), Pension Mädchenkammer, Berlin, Germany; Nyt Kapitel (2016), Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen, Denmark; Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall (2014), Fredrikstad, Norway; PZZ 7 - Walk the Line (2012), Art Space Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig, Germany; North Stars Series (2011), NoSphere NY, New York City, USA; "Tegneklubben" (2010), Grimm Museum, Berlin; Tegnebiennale (2010), Momentum Kunsthall, Moss, Norway; Tegnerforbundet (2008), (featuring Jorunn Hancke Øgstad, Talleiv Taro Manum, Geir Tore Holm & Pekka Nevalainen), Oslo, Norway; Skåne Kunstforening (2007), Malmö, Sweden and "Tegneklubben" (2005), Bergen Kunsthall No.5, Bergen.


Løkka - Siste sjanse for tegnefest på Grünerløkka ~ Øyvind Holend, dn.no, June 2021
Løkka - Fra Anus til Ørken ~ Linn Cecilie Ulvin, kunstsamlingen.no, May 2021
Vits på vits ~ Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen, kunstkritikk.no, April 2021
Bak munnbindet ~ Kåre Bulie, Klassekampen, April 2021
Vits på vits ~ Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen, kunstkritikk.no, April 2021 
Løkka - fra Anus til Ørken ~ Linn Cecilie Ulvin, Oslo kommunes kunstsamling, May 2021
Stavanger i latterens tid ~ Trond Borgen, Stavanger Aftenblad, December, 2019
Kunst-Oslo i «The Antropocene» ~ Lena Trydal, argumentnett.no, October 2018
Alle mennesker tegner ~ fineart.no, 2012
Femhodet troll pynter Oslo S ~ Aktiv i Oslo, July 2012
Olsson anbefaler ~ Morgenbladet, July 2012
Estetisk polert politikk ~ Oda Bhar, Dagsavisen, September 2010
En visuell ørkenvandring ~ NRK, Oslo, September 2010
Slitasjeskadet Høstutstilling ~ Aftenposten, Oslo, September 2010
Gutteklubben grell ~ Morgenbladet, Oslo, March 2008
Ocensurerat flöde ~ Sydsvenskan, Malmö, Novemeber 2007
I skyggen av kaninen ~ Numer, 2000