Her Slutter Grünerløkka

16 April - June 2021

Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway

SAMMENomGATA presents Tegneklubben with a free book of specially produced drawings, a exhibition and campaign on Günerløkka with drawings in the public space.

Linn Cecilie Ulvin

Relevant dates:

Opening, Galleri 69, Markveien 61, 0550 Oslo
The opening of our exhibition Friday16th at Galleri 69 is postponed due to Covid 19 regulations, hopefully only for two weeks.

Week 17-21
Drawings displayed on advertising monitors in the public space around Grünerløkka

16 April - June
Campaign period for distribution of the boka "Tegneklubben - Her Slutter Grünerløkka"
Free book will be available at selected places in Grunerløkka from tomorrow, or get it at www.utentittel.no


SAMMENomGATA is a project organised by Kulturetaten and Oslo kommune

Read more about the project:


Project collaborators: Bydel Grünerløkka, Deichman Grünerløkka, Bymiljøetaten, Sporveien, Galleri 69/ Grünerløkka Lufthavn, Uten tittel


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