Tegneklubben + Håkon Bleken

10 March - 30 December 2018

Trondheim kunstmuseum Gråmølna, Trondheim, Norway

On 10 March, The Trondheim kunstmuseum exhibition opens with the artist group Tegneklubben, combined with works by Håkon Bleken from the collection of the Trondheim Art Museum. On the second floor of Gråmølna, Håkon Bleken and Tegneklubben will both appear individually and combined.

At TKM Gråmølna they will produce works in the exhibition venues in the days prior to the opening of the exhibition,These woks will be set against works by Håkon Bleken from the collection of Trondheim Art Museum. The range of Bleken's works is largely older, smaller works that have rarely been shown.


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