Tegneklubben at KHIO

26 Sept, 2011

Oslo, Norway

Tegneklubben were invited to be a visiting artist at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. We thought it was an interesting task and discussed whether we should be a force of various guest teachers talking to different students or just enter each student´s studio as a three headed troll. The latter was the most intriguing, and we decided for a three-students-in-a-small-group tutorial with three-tegneklubben-artists model.

Instead of a self presentation lecture, we held a brief introduction in a Huey, Dewey and Louie kind of way, and focused on establishing a Tegneklubben setting with the students.

Within a couple of hours session, where students as well as Tegneklubben were bringing forward different topics on which to draw, we had gone through a lot of good themes and had a nice pile of drawings.

Now the (theoretical) question was who’s property were these drawings? It is one of the core rules of Tegneklubben that everything we make in the sessions, stays in the club. It was obvious that this rule also applied here. To make it fair, we came up with the idea to collect the drawings in a book or specially designed box and to let this object be in the collection of the Academy’s library. Although it can be displayed and used within the National Academy of Art, Tegneklubben retain the rights to the actual artwork and can use the presentation box and its contents for exhibition purposes and other research as it sees fit.

Bjørn Bjarre
Ulf Carlsson 
Terje Nicolaisen
(Paul Dring)
(Martin Skauen)

Ane Fredrikke Bendixen 
Ane Vik Eines
Siri Espeseth
Stein Fjelldal
Truls Rukke Hjelmark
Marthe Karen Kampen
Dagne Aurora L. Karevoll
Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas 
Mari Martens Kristoffersen
Tom Eidsvold Larsen
Magnie Liv Nilsen
Grete Johanne H. Skibnes 
Helen Marie Sæther
Anne Kristine Togstad
Jørgen Platou Willumsen