A Perfect Day

6 - 15 March 2020

Westergas, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tegneklubben have been invited to take part in the exhibition,  A Perfect Day 2.

In March 2020 the A Perfect Day Foundation organizes A Perfect Day 2 at the Westergas in Amsterdam, an international drawing exhibition where text, images and humor portray our everyday perils, musings and moods.

Text and image are an absurd joke, winks at you or offer the viewer a surprising reflection. Which beautiful things pass you by? And how can you look at things in a different way so it becomes more bearable or even funny? There is soul affinity to be found, it provides a connection between one's own world and the big picture. In addition to the exhibition, A Perfect Day will consist out of workshops, limited editions, publications, (new) work and the evening program.

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