Walk the Line

15 September - 2 November, 2012

Art Space Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig

Walk the Line is the 7th exhibition in the series, Positionen Zeitgenössischer Zeeichnung. Curated by Björn Hegardt, this group show includes works by Gert-Jan Akerboom, Anke Becker, Björn Hegardt, Torgeir Husevaag, Christian Weihrauch & Tegneklubben.

The drawing exhibition "PZZ 7 - Walk the Line" is a joint project with the art space delicatessen and the artist and curator Björn Hegardt.

The exhibition will coincide with the release of the new edition of "FUKT magazine for contemporary drawing", published by Björn Hegardt since 2001. FUKT operates as a 'gallery for drawing in a book' with an issue published per year.

In this group exhibition we presents a selection of artistic positions, which have participated in previous editions of FUKT or appear in the new issue. The exhibition's title refers to Johnny Cash's song "I Walk the Line", a story about faith and trust in a relationship. The transfer of title can be read as an attempt to trust the fragile medium of drawing, including the risk of failure. "To go on the line" shows the ubiquitous balance between the extremes of the artistic process, the line between sanity and insanity in the reduction of the drawing stroke.

Roswitha Riemann, Ulrike rock, Jan Apitz
Delicatessen team

Karl-Heine Strasse 59, 04229, Leipzig