4 - 26 February 2023

Bærum Kunstforening, Sandvika, Norway

A tribute to Maurice and the model study with portraits of 50 artists

The model Maurice (Maurizio) Budini (b. 1943 in Rome) has figured in the Norwegianart scene through several generations. He came to Norway as an 11-year-old, and was "discovered" by Per Ung in the 60s. Later he became a regular model at the Academy of Arts, where he worked until the modeling study disappeared from the college education. In addition, he worked at the Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole, and most pre art schools in the Oslo area. In other words, he has been a model for several generations of Norwegian visual artists and made a name for himself early on as an eccentric bohemian and enjoyer of life. This year Maurice turns 80, and this exhibition is a tribute to his long life in the service of art. We present a total of 47 artists with various portraits of the artist, from when he was very young until today.

The artist Arne Borring is the initiator of the exhibition, and has brought with him a large selection of artists in the medium of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, films and installations. All with Maurice as the model and main character. Beyond the tribute itself, Borring also wants to focus on the importance of model studies in art education - how important it was for all the artists who were allowed to practice the discipline, and why it has now completely disappeared.

The artists participating with works in the exhibition are: Per Ung, Tore Hansen, Anne Berit Nedland, Arne Borring, Halvard Haugerud, Trine Lindheim, Bjørn Bjarre, Marit Wiklund, Eli Hovdenak, Robert Meyer, Fin Serck-Hanssen, Marianne Bratteli, Magne Rygh , Nina Sundbye, Pia Maria Roll, Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen, Øyvind Bast, Hilde Høgåsen Mæhlum, Helene Christensen, Toril Gjermudsdatter-Wik, Karl Erik Harr, Bjørn Helge Hansen, Olav Orud (Laffen), Ami Krogsæter, Mette Lorentzen, Julia Vance, Stanley Stornes, Marit Aabel, Dang van Ty, Tegneklubben, Jakob Sejerstad-Bødker, Harald Medbøe, Kåre Groven, Michael Casford, Boge Berg, Ragnhild Prestholt, Berit Soot, Terje Norsted, Børre Larsen, Espen Tveit, Eyolf Soot Kløvig, Sissel Vagard , Ingunn Hvalø Hansen, Sidsel Huvestad, Kim M. von Arx, Anne Marit Muri and Marie-Claude Bougard.