OS!O - You Won’t Believe it

22 February 2022

Trondheimsveien 15B, Oslo, Norway

Tegneklubben were invited to participate in the pop-up exhibition: OS!O - You Won’t Believe it

My dear friends, artists, colleagues, saboteurs and delinquents - everyone included!

I have to vacate my apartment which has been my first and only good home in Oslo. And to mark this shift and to properly honor the lovely apartment
I am now planning a “show”.

A full blown art exhibition of strange proportions in yes, my livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.. cupboards, corners and window sills - you name it - the space is now all yours for a short period of time. The very basic idea is that i am inviting you to join the fun and bring an artwork that you hang, place, play etc., wherever you choose. Much like hanging your coat on a rack when visiting a friend. No curation needed! I am planning to fill every corner of my apartment with as much art as possible. to really stuff the place full before the big emptying out ( and i am indeed planning to leave as many holes in the walls as possible) hopefully my apartment will be so stuffed that we can’t sit on chairs, let alone drink our tea and coffee. it will be 2-4 glorious days of a cabinet of curiosities that Oslo can offer at the moment. The date of course is the 22.02.2022 ( i thought it timely to start with structured numbers and then open up for whatever chaos which ensues) ideally i would like to keep everything for a few days, to even out the fun and the possibility for people to see it and for the whole thing to be restructured and shifting throughout the few days.

And if you’re into fancy quotes and inspirational jargon that has played a part of my reasoning, there is a lovely quote from good old David Foster Wallace´s book Infinite Jest, about the mathematician Georg Cantor and chaos and fractals… (here we go) “Schtitt, whose knowledge of formal math is probably about equivalent to that of a Taiwanese kindergartner, nevertheless seemed to know what Hopman and van der Meer and Bollettieri seemed not to know: that locating beauty and art and magic and improvement and keys to excellence and victory in the prolix flux of match play is not a fractal matter of reducing chaos to pattern. Seemed intuitively to sense that it was a matter not of reduction at all, but — perversely — of expansion, the aleatory flutter of uncontrolled, metastatic growth — each well-shot ball admitting of n possible responses, n2 possible responses to those responses, and on into what Incandenza would articulate to anyone who shared both his backgrounds as a Cantorian continuum of infinities of possible move and response, Cantorian and beautiful because infoliating, contained, this diagnate infinity of infinities of choice and execution, mathematically uncontrolled but humanly contained, bounded by the talent and imagination of self and opponent, bent in on itself by the containing boundaries of skill and imagination that brought one player finally down, that kept both from winning, that made it, finally, a game, these boundaries of self. ”

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest, Little Brown and Company, 1996, page 394

The kindest regards, Mathilde Carbel


Good morning to you all, What a glorious day

OS!O - You Won’t Believe it (but you better believe it)
Once during an interview, when asked if Infinite Jest was written in fractals, David Foster Wallace replied that the structure of his novel was inspired by a Sierpinski Gasket, which is a primitive kind of pyramidical fractal and then he stylishly described this as a pyramid on acid. I woke up this morning in the middle of a beautiful art installation amongst works, upon works upon works and it has only just begun. I am thinking that if i run with DFW’s wording then this might  turn out to be a norwegian pyramid on acid, the only difference here is that the norwegian version is not on acid but running on fumes and coming from a shared enthusiasm and love of art! But i will share my thoughts on this another day after the dust has settled and when i have vacated my apartment and gathered the time to do so. But it is my feeble way of thanking you all for joining in and a sign of my joy for this thing to begin.

Instagram account: oslo__believe__it

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